RIDE365 Mileage programmes

Starts 1 January 2019

Are you up for the Chapter Challenge? All you need to do is what you already love doing… ride! 

Harley Owner’s Group is adding two mileage programs to celebrate our members for doing what they love to do. The new programs, along with the existing lifetime program and the ABCs of Touring, are branded RIDE365.

We recognize our members’ passion by helping them track their riding miles on hog.com—over their lifetime, annually and as part of your chapter. Helping you keep your eyes on the prize, because you’ve earned every mile!

To take part, H.O.G. Chapters need to lodge as many road kilometers from as many Chapter members as possible. Achievement Awards will be presented to Chapters as well as individuals.

Ride 365. Ride every day.

RIDE365 Global

RIDE365 will run concurrent with the present global Mileage program - members will still work towards their accumulated mileage patches. However, with the RIDE365 they will have the added Individual annual membership mileage, individual chapter accumulated mileage and averaged accumulated mileage challenge.

RIDE 365 in South Africa

H.O.G. Africa have decided to add a little incentive, in that we will be managing the program regionally as well. So members and chapters will be in regional challenge and we will have our own region-specific RIDE365 Challenges.

HOG Regional Manager Luis da Silva is working on the Regional “Africa” Challenge Prizes.

RIDE365 Annual Recognition

  • Mileage is tracked from 1 January to 31 December 2019.
  • Members register their participation in the programme;  their starting mileage is logged by the dealership. We recommend registering as early as possible after 1 January.
  • During the year, Members have their mileage checked at any authorised H-D dealer, at any time that suits them.
  • Members earn recognition and rewards when they reach specific milestones for that year.
  • Recognition is for the member not the bike, so you can register more than one bike for the challenge.

RIDE365 Chapter Challenge

  • We aggregate the total mileage for registered members in each chapter for the calendar year.
  • At the end of 2019 we'll acknowledge chapters in two categories.
    • highest total mileage
    • highest average mileage per member - so get your fellow members to register and ride 365!

How to get in on RIDE365?

  1. Register and activate your hog.com profile to track your own mileage.
  2. Take your motorcycle(s) to any H-D dealership as early in January as possible.
  3. A dealership employee validates your VIN(s) and mileage and enters them into their system.
  4. Then, grab life by the bars and RIDE! Enjoy the miles all year long. Visit your dealership frequently to validate your mileage and watch them roll on hog.com.
  5. At the end of the calendar year (before December 31, 2019), bring your motorcycle(s) back to the dealership for a final annual odometer reading and entry.
  6. DONE.

You will be recognised for your annual and lifetime kilometres achievements, PLUS your ridden kilometres contribute to the H.O.G. Chapter Challenge Rewards and recognition, too.

On 1 January 2020, the annual program and Chapter Challenge starts again.

Levels on the Individual Recognition Ride 365 program

  • 1,000 miles Digital badge
  • 2,500 miles Digital badge
  • 5,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge
  • 7,500 miles Digital certificate & digital badge
  • 10,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 15,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 20,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 25,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 50,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 75,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*
  • 100,000 miles Digital certificate & digital badge*

* We are working on our own HOGAfrica region patch for achievements of 10 000 miles and over.

H.O.G. Chapter Directors - what's your role?

As a H.O.G. Chapter Director, you play a key role in helping your chapter members get the most out of every mile with the Ride 365 program. Make sure that all your chapter members get their motorcycles to the dealership and their VIN(s) and miles validated.

Make it fun! Consider getting your chapter together for a "garage party" so that everyone can easily get their odometers read early in January at your sponsoring dealership.

During the year, plan you rides to include as many participants as you can. Direct new members to the RIDE365 page on the website to read more about the program.And remind your members to get their mileage validated regularly so your chapter can track its miles.

Before the end of the calendar year, make sure all your members who participated in Ride 365 return to the dealership for a final annual mileage reading. This is vital, because the program resets on 1 January 2020.


Who is eligible to participate in Ride365?

Every H.O.G. chapter member can and should participate. For the lifetime and annual programs, any H.O.G. member can participate. For the Chapter Challenge, as long as the member is listed as a chapter member in the H.O.G. system, their mileage readings will automatically be added to the chapter challenge.

What if I purchase a new bike, or have more than one bike?

The annual recognition challenge is for the individual member, not the bike. Register all your bikes, and if you purchase a new bike please remind the dealer to register it on the challenge!

If you trade in a motorcycle, you do not lose the miles on my previous one. The mileage stays with the individual and all the mileage is added together.

Can H.O.G. members start the program at any time during the year?

Yes. H.O.G. members may check-in their mileage at any time during the calendar year. However, to get the maximum miles within a given year, members should make their first odometer check-in at the dealer as early as possible, starting January 1. The final odometer check-in must occur at the dealer on or before December 31 of the same calendar year.

We recommend that you host a mileage reading party in January. There is no fee to register.

How many times will H.O.G. members have to check-in their mileage?

H.O.G. members need only to have their odometer checked in twice each year at the dealership—the first time to validate miles on or after January 1, and the second time is for a final annual total on or before December 31. However, members will be able to see their individual and chapter ranking on HOG.com throughout the year. When you enter a reading, it updates instantly. We recommend frequent check-ins to watch the odometer roll.

If I miss my last mileage reading on or before December 31, 2019?

The last reading prior to 31st December 31st will be your final reading for the year— no extensions. You will only receive credit for the last mileage reading before the end of the 2019 year.

How do I track my progress?

Please make sure your profile on HOG.COM is updated, and track your mileage on your profile.